Jeudi 31 mars 2011

Puma Speeder RP Blue Gray Sneaker

PUMA Shoes, also called Puma Sneakers, Puma Trainers, Puma Footwear. You can find them in large array of Puma shoes. We has a terrific collection of Men's Puma Shoes and Women's Puma Shoes to help you live in an active lifestyle.


Thanks to its sporty design and light weight, Puma Speeder sneaker is a popular performer even for little feet. The rubber-spiked sole delivers the traction they need, while the padded collar and insole keeps them comfy and stabilized.

Puma Speeder RP Blue Gray Sneaker

The PUMA Speeder RP is a classic jogger re-issued from the Puma Shoes archives in the early 1970's. The Speeder has a beautiful last shape, clean upper pattern and lightweight construction in easy to wear classic mesh.

Puma Speeder RP Red Black Sneaker

You can always count on Puma to pull out a stylish classic from its never-ending supply of vintage sneakers. The Puma Speeder ($60), originally released in the late 1970's, combines leather and mesh to form a great casual jogger.

Puma Speeder RP Sneaker - Steel Grey / Gray

These Speeder RP has a nylon and suede upper, EVA midsole and rubber sole, making it an easy-to-wear classic. The PUMA Speeder RP is an updated version of a classic jogger from the early 1970s – it maintains the classic silhouette while giving off a fashionable appeal.


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Puma Complete Vectana 2 Running Shoes

 Puma Complete Vectana 2 Running Shoes Blue Yellow

Puma Complete Vectana I Running Black White Shoes

Puma Rodalban XC Low Gray Black Blue Running Shoes


Puma Running Shoes Complete Vectana II Black Green



Item Name: Puma Complete Vectana 2 Running Shoes Blue Yellow

    Country Of Origin: China
    Model:  PRS-13
    Size: Men's size is available.
    Features: Exceptional first instep and performance with extra medial stability for runners with overpronation;
    Breathable sandwich mesh offers ventilation for more comfort and a decreased risk of blisters;
    EverFoam collar construction molds to the foot for a customized heel fit;
    EverRide blown rubber offers a lighter and more responsive outsole with a softer ride and push -off,EverTrack serves as a highly abrasion-resistant rubber outsole composite.



  The Puma Running Shoes is ready for all-weather running, offers an excellent combination of cushioning and stability for all runners who need more support,aslo delivers a plush ride and supreme comfort. With its stretch lining, EverFoam heel collar and cushy tongue,these puma shoes delivers a luxurious fit.These Puma Shoes is great for the neutral runner that prefers soft comfort versus fast minimalism  
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Mardi 29 mars 2011

Puma spotted from the wild

The snake was sighted in the Bayfield Hall estate, near to Holt.

Robin Combe, operator in the estate, mentioned it Puma espera experienced been spotted by three “sensible country people” who experienced been on the grey squirrel shoot.

He said: “My information and details is 2nd hand, but they saw it about two miles south of Blakeney, up coming toward Langham to Letheringsett road.”

Adrian Bamforth, who was top the squirrel hunt, executed comfortably the sighting, saying: “It does not consider an amazing offer for somebody to say they’ve observed an enormous cat. There are numerous deer for the estate, so it could have been completely a mistake.”

Nonetheless, term swiftly distribute on interpersonal media,Puma espera flats which include Twitter and Facebook, as well as several other guys and ladies additional their individual sightings at other destinations throughout the county.

One Twitter user, snake Theobald, mentioned she experienced observed “him/it” between Burnham latest market and puma espera ii Burnham Overy in north-west Norfolk.

Sightings of large dark cats within your wild have been completely common occurrences all greater than Norfolk in current years. But no conclusive proof of the existence has however been produced


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Dimanche 27 mars 2011

puma suede classic

Originated in 1968, the Puma Suede has been an icon for decades. Hu accepted Perth, B-boy, B-girls, like leisure wear, the Puma Suede has exceeded many times. Suede on the shoe its the signature of the brand, and fat laces. Over the years, the Puma Suede has reinvented the different cuts and styles.

Puma Suede is a classic basketball shoes This is the first released back in 1968.Puma Suede Black is one of the most popular athletic shoes and non-collectors collectors alike. The upper is suede, hence the name of the shoes.

Puma Suede Classic has been accepted by the hip-hop scene and matching fat laces are not uncommon. B, the boy by the Puma Suede, it has become a timeless classic. Numerous color mode of production, which gives the choice of many people. 20th century, 90's, the Puma Suede re-issued in many new colors, which is very pleasing to fans.


Suede and gum soles. Simple, effective and convenient. Puma traced back to the basic makeup of their landmark new Puma suede. As part of the brand's holiday lineup back in the shortest possible matching suede color shoe soles to rely on a set of gum. Based on the theme of plum and brown color for a great transition from autumn to the holiday.

Puma Suede shoes is a typical experience of the heyday of a variety of subcultures. Puma Shoes has released 3 new color suede this spring / summer 2010 season: red,coffee,black.

Puma Suede Classic - Ribbon Red / White


  Puma Suede Classic Shoes - Coffee / Gray



  Puma Suede Classic Sneakers - Black / White



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puma fututr cat mid

Puma Future Cat Mid Pro L Ferrari Red White Shoes


Want the look of a race car driver — without having to risk slamming into a wall at 200 mph? Here's your solution. The Future Cat series a long-time favorite among motorsport types now has a more modern upper pattern and razor-sharp details. Asymmetric lacing gives this racing-inspired shoe a superb fit.

  • Chrome detailing across all colorways
  • Cushy midsole for comfort and support
  • Durable rubber outsole

      NOTE: This is a Unisex style; the sizes displayed above are Men's sizes. If you are a woman interested in purchasing this shoe please refer to the Unisex Size Conversion chart available via the Sizing Chart link above to determine the correct size to order.  


    Puma Future Cat?is one of the most glamorous series among Puma Shoes.This series is the global athletic brand that successfully fuses influences from sport, lifestyle and fashion.The Puma Future Cat shoes will drive your style into the future.?

    We Sell Only?Puma Shoes,We Care All of Our Customers;We Believe Bussiness Is Not Everything,Customers' Satisfaction Is The Whole Thing;Every Customer is Our Friend,If You Need Any Help Or Have Any Suggestion,Just Contact Us.


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    Samedi 26 mars 2011

    Puma Yo! MTV Raps 2008 - Part II - Suede TLP

    Puma Yo! MTV Raps 2008 - Part II - Suede TLP

    Puma Yo! MTV Raps 2008 - Part II - Suede TLPPuma Yo! MTV Raps 2008 - Part II - Suede TLPPuma Yo! MTV Raps 2008 - Part II - Suede TLP

    Item Name:Puma Yo! MTV Raps 2008 - Part   II - Suede TLP

      Country Of Origin: China
      Model: PYM-07
    Size:   Men's size are available.


    The Puma   Suede TLP features perforated leather, light green accents, and   gold print,is part of the Puma x Yo! MTV Raps 2008 Collection, and more   specifically part II of that entire collection, which has already released   several Puma models in various color schemes.

    About 20 years ago, Puma made hip-hop history by launching a new format music show called Pum Yo MTV Raps. This year, Puma Shoes launched a new capsule collection of co-branded footwear to celebrate the return of the new Puma Yo MTV Raps series. These Puma MTV Raps Sneakers contain presenters Doctor Dre, Ed Lover, ect., and the artists such as Big Daddy Kane, MC Shan and Doug E. Fresh. The sneakers are made of leather or suede. There are different patterns for different designers reflect on each pair of shoes.

    The 2008 Puma x Yo! MTV Raps second drop occurred in mid-May with the release a new colorway of the Puma First Round, the addition of two colorways of the Puma Match, and a new colorway of the RS-100. Missing from that drop is the Puma Suede TLP in white with a green Puma Form-Stripe with white scribbles. This Puma Suede should be a pretty hot colorway for the summer. They have just dropped at mita sneakers for June but have been in most Puma retailers since mid-May.

    The Yo! MTV Raps collection by Puma has been going on for quite some time now and continues to go strong with these two new releases. Two different styles are seen in this post including the Suede TLP and First Round B4.

    The Suede TLP features perforated leather, light green accents, and gold print. Next up, is the First Round B4 that was seen on the site last month. The First Round B4s appears in a variation of a previously released First Round that sports black, white and green and a similar pattern seen earlier in the year.

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